Crackington Haven

On the evening of 14th June we danced out at Crackington Haven, in the cafe car park overlooked by people on the wall by the sea and those in the pub garden of the Coombe Barton Inn.

Tonight’s repertoire was Bear Down Man, September 4th, a musical interlude from our amazing musicians, Upton-upon-Severn, The Cuckoo’s Nest, Tinners’ Rabbit (demonstration and audience participation), and Boscastle Breakdown.

I’m not saying the evening went without mistakes but we now consider Upton-upon-Severn an established dance as we have tweaked the “hay up and down” and had a practice session to make sure we are all “up to speed”. Boscastle Breakdown is a new dance written by our Foreman, Lara. This was the first outing for the dance in public as we were only taught it a week ago! It is really lovely to have a dance that is specific to us and to increase our dance catalogue.

After the dancing some went for a paddle and the remainder sat on the wall, had a drink and watched as the sun set rather beautifully.