Haywood Farm Cider

Our sponsor held a great day of music, food and cider plus, of course, us dancing! Going on just before 3 Daft Monkeys and just after some torrential rain, we entertained initially by dancing naked, i.e. without our tatters, to show off our sponsored t-shirts!

A great set-up and excellent prices set us up for an enjoyable afternoon, despite the weather.

Of course, we were keen to show off our support for our sponsor’s products! Thank you Tom for looking after us.

There was a lot of space so we mixed it up a bit, putting the musicians in the middle of the dance area and dancing around them – this worked so well that we will probably adopt it in future where space allows.

With fifteen dancers and a great complement of musicians, we were able to put on quite a display to the large, appreciative, audience.

We danced a September 4th, Bear Down Man, Upton-upon-Seven, Boscastle Breakdown, Cuckoo’s Nest and finally a Tinners’ Rabbit – no time to bring in audience members as the act before us had finished a bit late but it was terrific fun.

Great food, lovely cider, fabulous music and a large appreciate crowd – what wasn’t to enjoy!