May Day – Our First Dance Out

Our very first public dance out was to raise the sun on May Day 2023. With permission from the National Trust we headed out beyond the Stitches to the lookout to sing up the sun with an Hal an Tow. Despite the fact that we’re a dance side rather than a choir we managed an audience of hangers on, well wishers and rather confused early morning dog walkers! Our thanks to Byron Galietta for the videos and photos.

Here are some images of our walk up there, 05:30 in the morning! Then more of singing the Hal an Tow, well, the chorus of this old Helston hymn for Beltane.

Here is our Beltane Blessing, given before we moved back to the Stitches to dance safely on “level” ground … health and safety gone mad.

Once on solid ground we danced a couple of Tinner’s Rabbits, once with our traditional musicians and one with the addition of Kazoos!