The Napoleon Inn

On Wednesday 21st June we danced outside The Napoleon Inn in High Street, Boscastle. The space between the front door and the road was a bit of a slope and rather narrow but we had an enthusiastic audience, our largest yet!

We started with a Bear Down Man and went on to a September 4th, a musical interlude and a Cuckoo’s Nest. We demonstrated a Tinner’s Rabbit and then had a mass of volunteers from the audience to join in, which was huge fun. Then an Upton-upon-Severn and finally our unique Boscastle Breakdown which is rapidly becoming a favourite dance.

Staying around to enjoy the sunshine, the company, the drink and the Boscastle Buoys (who performed inside later that evening) made for a long, but very enjoyable evening. Oh, and there was cake as one of our dancers, Fran, had a birthday today!