Crackington, 2024

We had a dance out in the Crackington Haven car park with Barrel Morris from Bude. What a great fun evening this was – alternating dances with this enthusiastic, fun side. The weather was cold but the rain held off once we started dancing – the magic of Morris – however, it kept our selkie, Morsterren in the car for the duration!

As hosts, we danced first with our now traditional Ow Tevi and Bear Down Man. Alternating with the excellent and entertaining dancing from Barrel Morris we went on to do a Boscastle Breakdown, Bonnie So Blue and September 4th. We also did a joint Cookoo’s Nest with barrel, quite a feat!

At the end of the dancing we did a group photo then off to the Old Wainhouse Inn for a drink and a sing. What a great, friendly, enjoyable, cold evening that was – here’s to dancing with the Barrel again soon!