Boscastle, 2024

For the second week in a row we danced at the harbour in Boscastle. This was a quieter affair than the May Day one but we still pulled an appreciative audience and had a good dance.

Starting, as we always will now, with our Ow Tevi and a quick Bear Down Man we moved on to do a September 4th, an Upton-on-Severn, Boscastle Breakdown, Cider Stomp, Lovers’ Green and Bonnie So Blue. A musical interlude and a single pair Cuckoo’s Nest completed the main part of the dance out, ending with a Tinners’ Rabbit for us and for some of our audience.

Our selkie Morsterren, our collecting hat Billy The Squid and our Green Man were all in evidence this evening and we ended up drinking outside The Cobweb … nothing new there!