St Kew Inn, 2024

Dancing out at the St Kew Inn with Trigg Morris is always fun. The pub are very welcoming and provided some beer to start us off and chips once we had all danced and repaired to the bar for a sing, something Trigg delight in. What wonderful evening with Morris friends.

It had threatened to rain hard for most of the day but in the end it held off until the last few moments and even then it was just some light mizzle. Unperturbed by cars and vans, we danced in the road between the pub and its carpark and emerged unscathed. The camber of the road and the slope make for an interesting dance area but there’s plenty of room for onlookers – of which we had a few.

Trigg started the evening and then we alternated with them. Starting, as is now out way, with the Ow Tevi and Bear Down Man we then stuck largely to our own dances; Lovers’ Green, Boscastle Breakdown, Cider Stomp and Harbourside. We also did a Bonnie so Blue, now we sing along we seem to get the timing so much better (a sneaky practice night the day before had also helped)!

It was great to watch Trigg and see their different dance styles, we were even encouraged to join in their finale – great fun despite the fact that we had no hankies to wave.

Morsterren was unable to make this dance out due to transport limitations 🙂