Tintagel, 2024

On 29th June we danced in Tintagel at the Wellbeing Fair. The fairv a took place in King Arthur’s Great Halls and we danced mostly indoors, finishing off with a couple of dances out at the front on the pavement – it was a sunny day after all!

We were a little constrained for space but the stall holders were very kind and gave us the centre of the hall – we attracted a good crowd and gave a display of our dances. Starting with our Ow Tevi as is usual now we did an Upton-upon-Severn, Cider Stomp, Boscastle Breakdown, Lovers’ Green and September 4th.

Outside we did a Bonnie so Blue and Tinners’ Rabbit as a demo and audience participation – some of this was danced ‘naked’ as it was so hot and this also gives our Sponsor T-shirts a chance to be seen!

Our beast, Morsterren the Selkie, joined in with some of the dancing, which was fun for us and the audience.

An excellent afternoon and a chance for some great group photos followed by a stroll around the village.