The Making of the Costumes

Making the costumes, tatters and bells, turned out to be a massive undertaking. We needed to assume at least 20 people and each jacket, in the designs chosen, needed around 800 individually cut tatter pieces!

Evening after evening in the sweat shops of our own homes and the Community Centre, cutting nearly 17,000 individual pieces out of material found and foraged from charity shops and donations then stripping down, re-collaring and sewing up tatters jacket.

The Leathers for our bells were made for us by Cornwall’s first female Master Saddler, the bells being completed by our Belles!

Each of our jackets has a yoke of stars and founder member dancers have a single copper, engraved tatter.

Despite the amount of work, this was a fun, bonding execise that made us all feel a part of something special. It also meant that we wear our uniform with pride knowing that it came from our own efforts!