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  • Our Sponsor

    Our Sponsor

    We are delighted to say that Haywood Farm Cider have agreed to sponsor us in our first year. We are very lucky to have such an agreeable sponsor, willing to take us on “sight unseen” as we have yet to dance out! This website is hosted and maintained by UK Theatre Web, which is run…

  • The Making of the Costumes

    The Making of the Costumes

    Making the costumes, tatters and bells, turned out to be a massive undertaking. We needed to assume at least 20 people and each jacket, in the designs chosen, needed around 800 individually cut tatter pieces! Evening after evening in the sweat shops of our own homes and the Community Centre, cutting nearly 17,000 individual pieces…

  • Learning the Dances

    Learning the Dances

    When we started, we needed something simple, so we chose a Tinner’s Rabbit, which is still our warm-up dance. Soon after, we added Bear Down Man and September 4th. These have become our base dances. Within a week we had sticks to play with, and yes, you get very possessive about your own stick! Hats…

  • Our Musicians

    Our Musicians

    We are so lucky to have a dedicated team of talented musicians – some of whom even swap in as dancers. Our multi-instrumentalists provide us with the music we need to dance as well as entertaining the audience!

  • Boscastle Border Morris Style

    Boscastle Border Morris Style

    Where did the Boscastle Border Morris style come from? The style of our tatters, bells and the logo were all decided by democratic vote! A process that was suprisingly easy in the end as we are an agreeable lot! Our method was to allow everyone to draw up their preferences and then vote them to…

  • The Founding of the Side

    The Founding of the Side

    The Boscastle Border Morris was founded after a trial session run in the Boscastle Community Centre on 9th November 2022. The trial was set up by long time dancer Lara Pollard-Jones, supported by mother and sister, June and April – experienced Morris dancers all. There was such a good turn out and such enthusiasm for…